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Welcome to Sweet Coconut Diaries , a page I’ve created for you from my love and passion for healthy treats. I love having the opportunity to share my ideas, inspirations and recipes with you. Read on, and enjoy.

Fluffy Banana Protein Pancakes

Pancakes have always have had a special place in my heart so I can honestly admit that whenever I have a moment to spare in the morning I...

Apple Pie Chia Jars

A lot of my best childhood memories involve a taste of an apple pie made by my nana. Till now nobody from my family can recreate the...

Baked Brownie Donuts

Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like donuts ?? Hmm... EXACTLY! And for that exact reason I have vowed to not ever trust anyone who...

Raw Chestnut and Cacao Cups

For some reason I have always loved chestnuts - from the beautiful colours, mysterious spiky skins and the limitless creatures I could...

No Bake Raspberry and Cacao Tartlets

You know how much I love no fuss, no oven, no bake options so this one fits in here really well : raspberry tartlets with a hazelnut and...


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