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Apple Pie Chia Jars

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

A lot of my best childhood memories involve a taste of an apple pie made by my nana. Till now nobody from my family can recreate the exact taste of her apple pie since she's gorgeously old fashioned and doesn't follow written recipes and measures everything by heart. I have come close to perfection many times but it's labour of love and takes time and a lot of attention to small details like what apples you choose and how you cut them and how long you cook them for or when exactly does the cinnamon go in.

Those type of apple pies are saved for special moments when we have time to really indulge and celebrate the beautiful family recipes, when we are all together and sharing the moments of simple pleasures and not thinking of much more than that.

On most days though we are a pretty regular crazy hard working family who doesn't have the luxury of time to prepare those magnificent pies but, me in particular, we miss the flavours and I have found a great trick to cheat the indulgent aspects, save a ton of time and to be able to get plenty of nutritional benefits from it.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the healthy apple pie in a jar! It takes minutes to prepare, is packed in protein, omega fats and plenty of vitamin C. It works beautifully as a healthy dessert but i had it for breakfast on many occasions too since is really filling. We have been enjoying this treat since autumn last year when the apples are in the full season and the most flavourful but if you search the market you can get some beautiful crunchy and sour ones to beautifully complement this dessert.

If you are an apple pie lover (I don't know anyone who isn't so I'd be very suspicious of anyone who has doubts about that classic !) read on and save the recipe because I really feel you might jus fall in love with it.

Yield : 2 medium jars

Prep time: 20min

Author: Aneta

Sweet Coconut Diaries


♡ 1 cup soy vanilla yogurt

♡ 3 - 4 tbsp chia seeds

♡ 2 tbsp lemon juice

♡ 3 apples

♡ 4 tbsp lemon juice

♡ 1 heaped tsp sweet cinnamon

♡ sprig of fresh thyme

♡ 1/4 cup maple syrup

♡ a handfull of peanut butter granola


Mix chia seeds with the yogurt and lemon juice in a bowl and let it thicken in the fridge for at leat 15 min.

Peel and core the apples, cut them into 1cm chunks, add the lemon juice and cook them in a non stick pan on medium high heat for 3 minutes, add the male syrup and the thyme sprig and continue to cook till they soften. Add the cinnamon, take out the thyme sprig and mix well. Let cool down completely.

Give the chia pudding a good stir and transfer to your favourite jars.

Top with the apple mixture and cover with the granola - I have used a homemade oat based granola.

Grab your favourite spoon and enjoy!

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