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White Chocolate & Matcha Mousse

Plant based, light, fluffy, full of green matcha goodness and just beautifully balanced between healthy and the indulgent : my simply amazing white chocolate and matcha mousse.

I have randomly day-dreamt this one on a cloudy and moody November afternoon last year and just knew that this idea and image will not leave my mind until I make it happen so I have played a bit with aquafaba and this gorgeously dessert materialised on that same afternoon.

I am not going to keep you suspended in anticipation so just scroll a little bit more and discover one of my favourite treats ever!

White Chocolate & Matcha Mousse

Yield : 2 jars

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 0 min, 1h chilling

Author: Aneta

Sweet Coconut Diaries


♡ 150g dairy free white chocolate

♡ 1 ripe avocado

♡ 2 tsp matcha green tea *

♡ 1 tbsp lemon juice

♡ 1/2 tsp creme of tartar

♡ 2 tbsp golden caster sugar

♡ 1 can chilled aquafaba - out of one can of chickpeas


Melt the chocolate ad cool it does to a room temperature, transfer it to the blender, add the avocado, matcha, lemon juice and blend all together till smooth and creamy.

Add your aquafaba an creme of tartar to a stand mixer bowl and mix on high speed till soft peaks start forming and the texture is stiff and glossy. At that point add half tbsp of sugar a the time until you have it all incorporated together.

Now transfer the aquafaba into your chocolate mix and very gently fold the foam into the mixture few spoonfuls at the time to achieve fluffy mouse.

Transfer into your favourite jars and chill in a fridge for at least an hour.

Serve chilled.

I like to reserve a bit of the meringue for the topping but you can skip this !


* I have used my favourite Power Matcha blend by @yoursuperfoods - it's a beautiful and natural blend of matcha, lucuma, wheatgrass and morninga that tastes amazing, keeps you energy levels steady and is just a great superfood addition to your diet. I am an affiliate for YourSuper.com and you are more tham welcome to use my discount code - "sweetcoconut15" for a 15% discount on all of their products.

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